Sunday, February 29, 2004

New Press Photos Up.

I'm still waiting for the first group photo to load. But the look on Ed's face in the photo has scared me for many nights to come.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Hey! I actually used my Ed site as a resource! I wanted to look watch that first Ad Nauseam Ed did on a TDS tape, and I found it using my own site. That has never happened. I've never made something that I actually used later. Well, expect for those potholders I made out of that pantyhose material a few months ago....

Friday, February 27, 2004

From the front lines of the primaries [Ed Helms rocks our world]

Ed's mentioned about four more times in this blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


A friend (who also donated the lovely picture of her and Ed) sent this to me (from the onion av club)
(originaly posted
here )

[Editor's Note: Say Something Funny is an Onion A.V. Club feature in which comedians respond to the query, "What is funny?"]

The Onion: What is funny?

Ed Helms: Defining what is funny is a task fraught with great peril, because no two people have the same sense of humor. For example, I think nipple clamps are hilarious, but others take them seriously. Which to me is also hilarious. And yet we all agree that genocide, avalanches, and Family Circus are not funny. So it makes sense to me that by agreeing on a collection of things that are definitely not funny, we can, by process of elimination, begin to assemble a universally recognized picture of what is funny. To that noble end, I submit the story of how I cut my penis open on a rope cleat.

The year was 1982, and I was 8 years old. My friend Larry, who was annoying, had just built a new treehouse in his backyard. It featured a basket on a pulley for hoisting up sandwiches. This rope basket was tied off on a cleat fastened to a structural support post. In a slick treehouse dismount maneuver, I slid down this post like a fireman and hooked my penis on the rope cleat. Larry panicked and hoisted me off the cleat, only to drop me on it again. This created two distinct and substantial flesh wounds on the shaft of my penis, and together, they required 14 stitches. I am happy to report that my penis made a full recovery, and currently enjoys all of the activities that a healthy penis should.

Hopefully, this will contribute to a greater understanding of what is and is not funny.

Ed Helms is a correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. He frequently performs live in New York City.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

I noticed something earlier this week during the beginning of Jon Glaser's story where he's in the office with Ed, and Ed acts like a big ol meanie torward him:

Ed has to sit on a pillow on top of a comfortable office chair. (unless the pillow was some sort of visual gag) Poor Ed, probably has 'roids.

That WOULD be funny if Ed had some sort of ass problem. Not funny for him of course, but funny for us to make fun of.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Sorry to post again after a few seconds, but I got a piece of mail about First Time Caller: (Its a long peice of mail)

From: First Time Caller
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 22:39:24 -0800
To: paul@boyinthedrain.com
Subject: First Time Caller February 2004 Update

Dear First Timers— I wanted to send a personal thank you to all of
who have signed up for our email list. I also wanted to enlist you all
in a
CALL FOR HELP, which will be detailed at the end of this letter. Boy In
Drain Productions is thrilled to have First Time Caller
be our maiden voyage
feature filmmaking.

We believe we have made a quirky, off-beat, thinking-person’s comedy
best utilizes the eclectic and talented cast we were lucky enough to

People like the immensely talented FRED WILLARD, who ad-libbed
lines through all of his scenes.
ED HELMS showed up to Florida with an energy that was so highly charged
that we had to clear the set because the crew was laughing so hard.

CHRIS ELLIOTT literally leapt into working with the alligators,
comedic bits on the backs of these very real and very dangerous 14-foot
MO ROCCA had prepared so thoroughly he arrived with seven different
pairs of
glasses in order for us to choose which pair we thought was the
funniest for
his sarcastic and sexually frustrated character.

All of these actors and more—like the hi-octane PATRICK WARBURTON
to the bold and innovative SIOBHAN FALLON HOGAN
to the wry and droll THOMAS GIBSON

toiled through 100 degree heat and black clouds of mosquitoes all
they took a chance on our script and on an unknown company called Boy
In The

So, what is the Boy In The Drain?

Well, one thing I can tell you we are NOT is a big budget, powerhouse
like Warner Brothers or Miramax.
We are an independent, San Francisco based production company that was
out of the desire to make
a film we had total control over a film that we would want to watch

The company was founded by my brother Paul (Co-Writer/Director) and me
Paul and I had spent the past ten years working with various levels of
success in the business, from dream scenarios like producing
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Emmy nominations to near-spirit
situations like performing in front of hostile stand-up comedy
audiences in
Alabama or writing mind-numbingly stupid award shows.

Luckily along the way, we had collected a cadre of incredibly talented
people who shared our sense of humor and desire to create something
memorable and uplifting.

People like casting director LAURA CORRIN, who was the miracle worker
put together our amazing cast.
And other friends like PATRICK GALLO and CECE PLEASANTS, who premiered
starring roles like old pros.
And there were people like cinematographer JON MANS, co-writer SEAN

All of these people were our friends, but they were also the right
for the job.

And there was no single, new player in our roster who took a bigger
risk or
worked harder than our star, DAVID ALAN BASCHE.

David is already an accomplished stage and television actor, who has
lasting impressions with his recurring roles on Fraiser and as Alicia
Silverstone's on-again-off-again boyfriend on NBC’s Golden Globe
comedy Miss Match.
He's worked with legends like Eli Wallach on the live stage and Steven
Soderbergh on the big screen.

And in the next few months, I suspect you will be hearing a great deal
some new projects he has in the works.

David read the script and broke it down to its subtlest and most
nuances. To say he is a performer of tremendous talent is not only a
understatement, but overlooks his best attribute: that he is a kind and
generous person.

David pitched in on every level, from carrying equipment to managing
his own
wardrobe to putting up with our insane and seemingly endless work
hours. We
could not have made this film without him. In future updates, you will
more from me, Ted, as well as from Paul, the originator of the story

We will also host online chats with some of our stars. We will explain
about how we got this production off the ground, raised the money,
the cast to do the show and actually shoot it with our amazingly
crew in Florida. B

ut for now, I am closing with a CALL FOR HELP.
We are an independent film in every sense of the word which means we
this with money raised outside of the traditional Hollywood system.
We have no distribution deal in place yet. Therefore, if you want to
this film in the theaters, we need your help to get the word out on the

Independent films are picked up when studios and distribution companies
believe there is an audience that is waiting to go see the product. We
all of you to be able to see Fred and Ed and Mo and Chris and everyone
on the big screen like they are meant to be.

So, please forward our official site, www.firsttimecaller.com

to anyone you know would enjoy it or are fans of the stars.

Tell your friends to check out the trailer, sign up for the email list
pass it on to other people they know.

Get out there and write to fansites like

Harry Knowles’ film site www.aintitcoolnews.com

or Garth Franklin’s www.darkhorizons.com

or other excellent movie information sites like

or www.movietome.com .

Get some online chat going, post information at
the Internet Movie Data Base, www.imdb.com

on our page, “First Time Caller (2004).

The more chatter we have on these sites, the better chance we will have
getting this movie seen.
We will keep you posted on upcoming film festivals where we will be
our finished film. Until then, keep checking in at the website for
updates and live, online chats. And thank you for your support! Ted
“First Time Caller


And then I got another e-mail after that:

Hey everyone...
Some of you may have already received this e mail from my brother...
If so, just delete this.

If not, read it and help us get the word out... especially at those
like aintitcool.com

We want to have a Howard Dean type of on line campaigning without that

Thanks again


I was "talking" to a live journal friend yesterday about Jon Glazer's first correspondent story earlier this week, and I asked her:

Do you have Ed Helms' first story on tape? His voiceover was way too sincere. It sounded like he was doing one of his voiceovers for provocol or whatever medicine he did a voiceover for.

Their reply was:
Subject: Re:
No, I wasn't taping it or even watching it much when Ed first came on. Was that "I Am Abe?" I would've liked to see that.

What is it with the strange marriage between comedy writers and Abraham Lincoln obsession? Conan's obsessed with Lincoln, Bob Odenkirk's obsessed with Lincoln, etc. Maybe it speaks to a comic's love for finding the funny in the authority figure. Lincoln freed the slaves and led the country during a war that divided people and killed millions, but he also had a big-ass hat and, allegedly, a high and squeaky voice.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

>>Ed's manboobies (or "moobies") and manbatch jiggle ever so slightly when he's hopping around almost naked. Adorable. <<

-One of my live journal friends


I had to see that little segment at 3 a.m. this morning (I was up, so I decided to watch the daily show I had timer recorded). Needless to say, I didn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up this morning, I thought I had dreampt it in some sort of odd dream that you would only have if you hadn't taken the recommended dosage of NyQuil. Thanks, Ed! You and your moobies.

Monday, February 02, 2004


I am the Executive Producer of the feature film- First Time Caller that
highlights the talents of Ed Helms and Mo Rocca.

I noticed on your site that the film has been mentioned- we appreciate it.

As you can see at www.firsttimecaller.com , we have assembled quite a funny
cast and the movie is just being completed as we speak. It is going to be
awesome. I hope you were able to hear the trailer- someone on this site
mentioned that the school computer had no sound... must get the sound- it's

Thanks for the support and continue sending people to the website and
spreading the good word.

Feel free to stay in touch and coordinate with other sites... there is also
an email list so people can get updates directly from us.

Good luck and have fun.

Leo Redgate

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