Friday, January 30, 2004

Some girls at ym.com (a teen magazine) went to the NH Primaries, and met Jon, Samantha, and Ed. Photos are under the Saturday, January 24th sidebar thingy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I wrote Ed a birthday e-mail Saturday, and he wrote me back early early this morning:

Hi Anita -
Thanks for the birthday wishes! And thanks for not giving me your cold.
Hope you're well.

on 1/24/04 7:09 PM, Anita Rose wrote:

> Happy 30th Birthday, Ed! I would give you an online birthday hug, but I have a
> bad cold and you don't want what I got.
> Keep your Baton Twirling Dreams Alive,
> Anita

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Ed Helms' 30th birthday is today, so I wrote a little something about him:

I know this is going to border on teenybopper-ish, but Ed Helms has one of the most brighest, white-ist smile I have ever seen, this coming from someone who is bombarded by tens of teeth whitening commercials a day.

I like to imagine Ed at night before going to bed putting on the Crest Night Effects, and in the morning painting on that Colgate stuff (the name of which escapes me, it was the first kind to come out), and he constantly obesses over brushing his teeth. He's the kind of guy who packs a toothbrush with him whereever he goes. He's going places.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Wednesday January 14, 2004

`Daily Show' comes to UC Davis
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By Ben Antonius

Davis College Republicans member George Andrews and Queer Student Union Vice President Aldrich Tan found themselves featured on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" on Monday night. Correspondent Ed Helms interviewed Andrews and Tan as part of a report on DCR's "Conservative Coming Out Day," an Oct. 21 rally at UC Davis.

The rally came in the middle of Pride Week 2003 - Andrews called it "a very, very, very bad scheduling mistake" - and more than a hundred protesters showed up to the event as well.

In his interview with Helms, Andrews suggested that conservatives are afraid to "come out" at UCD and that the rally was a chance to be "bold."

"You go, girl," Helms replied, snapping his fingers.

The segment emphasized the conflict between conservatives and the gay community; Andrews was interviewed in a red, white and blue room, surrounded by posters of Republican leaders, and Tan was interviewed in front of a rainbow flag.

In one scene, Helms told Andrews "I think I know what would make you feel better," and knelt down, off-camera, in front of him. After a moment, Helms produced...lollipops.

"Obviously the Blow Pop scene caught me off guard," Andrews said on Tuesday. "[But] overall, I was pretty surprised that [the interview] was fairly factual."

The segment also featured Tan saying conservatives were "trying to make light of what Pride Week is and what Pride Week stands for."

Helms eventually managed to goad Tan into saying that he "hates" DCR, but Andrews said he thought Tan's interview was "great."

"We get very emotional about politics, and we need to be able to laugh at ourselves," Andrews said.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Ed Helms Stars in Second City Communications Sitcom
posted: 1/16/2004

Nicki Margolis, Sue Gillan, Ed Helms and Chris Herzberger star in A Credit to the Family

Daily Show correspondent, Ed Helms just completed shooting a 12-episode sitcom produced by Second City Communications for a major not-for-profit corporation. The sitcom, shot in Naperville and Chicago, also stars Second City's Sue Gillan and Nicki Margolis, local young actor Chris Herzberger, plus dozens of Second City actors in supporting roles.

The client, Take Charge America, Inc., is a major provider of credit counseling services. The Sitcom, which will be shown to high school and college students, is designed to help spark discussion on forming good financial habits and credit issues.


To learn more about Second City Communications' creative services capabilities, contact Second City Communications at 312.664.4032, or inquire online.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The preview (in Quicktime and in Windows Media) is up for First Time Caller. (the movie that Ed's going to be in) I just saw it here at school using the high speed internet connection, and it was great [even though I couldn't hear it because the school's comptuers don't have speakers]. In case you can't tell, Ed is the guy with the backwards ball cap, and he's in the first few seconds with two dinosaur models in his hands.

Note to self : bring headphones to school Monday so I can actually hear the preview.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

I got a cute e-mail today:

Hello Anita,

I saw on your website that you take picture donations; I'm an idiot for
not offering up my little piece to the shrine! You can take the picture
off my website:
or I attached the file. Sorry for not offering when we first

By the way, Ed revealed a little more on his No Class Tour about his
baton-twirling days. He did a routine to "Eye of the Tiger" for his
brother Paxton (Payton?), wearing a black turtleneck, feeling pretty
awesome. He saw this Rodney Peppercorn baton-twirler guy at a basketball game,
and was, from then on, hooked on twirling. Of course, his brother
crushed all his dreams...but hey, he's on TDS now! :)

Take the care,


So I wrote back:

From: Anita Rose
To: Nicci Bachman <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 09:52:30 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Ed!

I beleive Ed's brother's name is Paxton, when I first started to go to
Ed's site in 2002, someone signed the guestbook saying "what did paxton
and susan do to you?" Either Paxton and Susan are:
his brother and sister
his mom and dad (and his brother got his dad's name)
his brother and sister in law.

I get so giddy when I hear that Ed loved the baton. As I mentioned in
the blog, I used to take baton lessons when I was little. (my older
sister was a majorette in high school, so my mom put me in classes too
thinking that I'd be a majorette. I never got that far, and we didn't even
have a majorette at my high school.)


And thus the email tag began:


Ed's older sister was also a majorette. I remember distinctly him
saying that he "dusted off his sister's old baton"! You should have seen him
mime baton-twirling--the boy has talent. I think he said he was about 6
when he did that show for his brother, but I can't remember for

I don't actually have a live journal, just my website where I update on
auditions and random randomosity. If you start a community, I would be
interested in joining!

Edfully yours,

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

A Live Journal Community
First and last time I'm going to mention it.

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