Monday, June 30, 2003


A film retrospective showcasing the comedic works of Paul Sullivan, a
celebrated New York-based filmmaker, comedian and television producer, will
take place on June 27th at 6:30 pm at the Henagar Center for the Arts in
Melbourne, Florida. The event is hosted by the Melbourne Independent
Filmmakers Festival (MIFF), The Space Coast Film Commission, and The Florida
Motion Picture and Television Association (FMPTA).

Paul has produced and directed eleven short films and documentaries that
have appeared in over 40 international film festivals, including the New
York Comedy Film Festival, The Toyota Comedy Film Festival, The CMJ Film and
Music Festival, and the Ajijaic Film Festival in Mexico. His film "Sergi"
will be seen nationally on "Independent Lens" on PBS later this year.
Paul graduated from the NYU Film School and has been a producer of such
television shows as "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Comedy Central and
"Dog Days" on Animal Planet. As a performer he has been featured on "The
Moth" on Trio TV, X-Chromosome on Oxygen. He will soon be seen as a featured
panelist in the upcoming HBO documentary "The Curse of the Bambino" with
Denis Leary, Steven Wright and Bucky Dent.
Over the last few years, many of his films have been showcased at the
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival and Paul has been in attendance at
many of these events. His enthusiasm for our community caused Paul and his
brother, Ted Sullivan, to set their first feature film "First Time Caller"
in the town of Melbourne. Ted is a writer/producer who has written for the
television shows "Guiding Light", "One Life To Live" and "As the World
Turns" for which he received a Daytime Emmy Nomination and a Writer's Guild

"First Time Caller," is their comedy set in Melbourne. The story is about a
late night AM radio talk show host, Dale Sweeney, who is desperately trying
to find an audience for his universally ignored show. During one broadcast,
he receives a strange phone call in an indecipherable language. When two
secretive government agents arrive investigating a UFO sighting, Dale
deduces that the mystery caller must actually be an extra-terrestrial
trapped in Melbourne and sets out to discover it.

Shooting is set to begin on July 7th and casting is nearly complete, with
the following people attached to star. David Alan Basche is cast as the
lead, "Dale." David will be seen this fall in NBC's "Miss Match" and was a
star of NBC's "Three Sisters."
Chris Elliot will be co-starring as "Eugene the Gator Guy." Chris, of
course, started his career as a writer and performer for David Letterman
before going on to star in his own, cult TV show "Get A Life." He has also
starred in "Something About Mary" and "Groundhog Day."
Siobahn Fallon co-stars as "Larry Jean." Siobahn was a cast member of
"Saturday Night Live" and co-starred in films such as "Men In Black."
Thomas Gibson co-stars as "Kyle." Thomas was star of ABC's hit show "Dharma
and Greg" and co-starred in multiple movies, including "Far and Away" and
"Eyes Wide Shut." He recently starred in the TNT movie "Evil Never Dies."
Fred Willard co-stars as "Mr. Fratus." Fred is a true comic legend and has
starred in a long line of film classics, including "Waiting for Guffman,"
"Best In Show" and recently "A Mighty Wind."
They are currently in final negotiations with Patrick Warburton (Puddy from
"Seinfeld" and the live action "Tick") and two stars from "The Daily Show
with Jon Stewart" Mo Rocca and Ed Helms.

Paul and Ted Sullivan and their production company called Boy In The Drain
Productions will be in attendance at the film retrospective and will be
available to discuss their plans for "First Time Caller" with the audience.
There is no admission fee but donations will be accepted at the door for the
charity Unconditional Love, Inc. a local HIV patient care center for the

Saturday, June 28, 2003

This is shown at the end of the 2003 Daily Show Emmy "For Your Consideration Tape" :

I don't think the people who had to watch this tape stuck though the first episode that was submitted. (it was the state of the union episode from January, 2003, a snoozer, I mean Rob Corddry's and Stephen Colbert's desk and green stuff was funny, but the rest of the ep was a snooze) [if you're wondeing, the special bonus was the "Daily Show Rocks!" segment.]

The tracking was real off on the tape. I tried to fix the tracking on both of my vcr's and it didn't help. The top of the tv screen had a warped look to it. Although the tape was in SP, it looked like an SLP that was dubbed a couple of times. Everyone looked like they had aged five years. Ed Helms looked 42.

But the only reason why I wanted this tape was for the picture on the back of the box of the correspondents, because I love me some correspondents:

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Does anyone know if comedian Dalton Helms is releated to Ed? 'Just curious.
If you were to put all the Ed Helms segments on one tape (in SLP mode) it would be around four hours. Don't ask me why I know that.

But serioulsy, I do have a tape of all the Ed segments that I use to make the screen captures and the synopsis and the transcripts. I've been keeping it since August of last year, and since its an 8 hour tape, I'll probably have it until January or Februay of next year.

Is there something wrong with that? I'm sure everyone has done it before right? Right?

Monday, June 09, 2003

That Little Red Button On The VCR

I think I saw Ed make a cameo for the commercial for Rob Corddry's "bald" story a few seconds ago, and like an idiot, I didn't push the 'record' button, because I was too busy being excited that they're showing the Rob Corddry "bald" story.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Proof That He Wore Short Pants*

I got this e-mail today:

I just found your site - If you're interested in updating Ed Helms bio
info, he graduated high school from The Westminster Schools in Atlanta
1992. He is a great guy - keep up the good work promoting him.

I looked at the school's website, and man, that's a nice school.
*the "short pants" thing is a joke Melissa told me once. She said something like everytime she thinks about a private school, she thinks about boys wearing short shorts.

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