Thursday, January 30, 2003

"Ed butters his bread by doing voice over work."
I love reading how other people desicribe Ed. The one I found tonight, I thought was pretty funny, and it included the only non-blurry version of one of the 'non glasses' pictures I've seen:
You have to scroll down a bit, but its there.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Ed Was Their Only Light Note Of The Year...

The PCRM mentions Ed in their 2002 wrap up:

On a lighter note, Ed Helms, a correspondent for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, interviewed PCRM’s Brie Turner-McGrievy about the dangers of dairy products. Among the questions: “Why would cows want to make little kids sick?”

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

The Correspondents...
I think we have our very first Ed Helms interview to post. Ed, Stephen, Rob, and Mo did an interview recently with the Onion "AV Club", and if you click the aforementioned link; you can read it.
thanks to inkdrinker at the TDS Live Journal Community

Friday, January 10, 2003

This man has a mother in law?
I searched for "man stuck in chimney" on google this morning just for the heck of it, and like 15 articles about the guy in last night's story popped up. Here's the local version:
(but no mention that he was copying "f--king Dick Van Dyke" anywhere)
Posted on Tue, Nov. 12, 2002

Stuck in chimney, son-in-law finds key to making fool of himself
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

FORT WORTH - Mark Vaughn said so himself. Sliding down his mother-in-law's chimney Tuesday morning wasn't exactly a hot idea.

It was "Stuuuuuupid!" the soot-covered man cracked to reporters after firefighters worked for more than an hour to free him from the fireplace. "She was telling me not to do it. But it looked like I could get in, you know what I'm saying."

Most people might agree that, unless you're Santa, you just can't slide down a chimney without getting stuck. But Vaughn - a 35-year-old entertainer-DJ-singer-wanna-be-actor - marches to the beat of a different drummer.

So when his mother-in-law locked her keys in her house just before 11 a.m., he decided to tackle the problem feet first.

"I slid all the way down, but the angle wasn't right," Vaughn said. "I couldn't move. I was trying to work it out. But I worked myself into getting stuck."

Vaughn's mother-in-law, who had wanted to call a locksmith to begin with, dialed 911.

Moments later, seven Fire Department units, including the technical rescue team, came screaming up to the house in the 4800 block of Westridge Avenue.

Paramedics brought out a stretcher in preparation for Vaughn's rescue. A mob of television reporters flocked to the scene, angling for space behind yellow tape as neighbors griped at them to stay off their yards.

The obviously embarrassed mother-in-law kept her distance, making it very clear to fire officials that she did not want to hear her name or see her face on the news.

Next-door neighbor David Poindexter, 83, dressed in red plaid golf pants and a bolo tie, hobbled out of his house on a cane to see what all the fuss was about.

"I was in my house and my wife came to the door and said there were firetrucks outside," said Poindexter, who, every now and then, had to be gently steered out of the way by firefighters. "My Lord, half of the Fire Department was out front. They just moved in a couple or three days ago.

"I came out and discovered there was a gentlemen caught in the chimney."

Like so many others, Poindexter watched wide-eyed as fire officials cut, drilled and dug their way through the rock and brick fireplace. Finally, a white and blue tennis shoe emerged.

Not long after, firefighters gingerly helped Vaughn, sporting a beard, silver earrings in both ears and dressed in all black, out of the fireplace and into the yard, where his mother-in-law was waiting.

After a brief yelling match between Vaughn and his mother-in-law, in which Vaughn could be heard yelling, "Just be cool about it!" all appeared well again - except, of course, for the large gaping hole in the chimney.

Vaughn refused medical treatment and spent the next several minutes shaking firefighters' hands.

"Firemen rock!" Vaughn later told reporters, adding that he wasn't even upset that they had nicked his finger a bit with a drill. "They were here to save my life."

He described his new-found freedom like, "Winning the lottery, man!" but he acknowledged that he had learned a lesson or two from his adventure.

"Listen to your mother-in-law. Don't climb down chimneys. And I probably need to lose weight."

Thursday, January 09, 2003

In Case You Missed It The Second Time, Or you just want to record it on another tape
1/20/2003 1100 AM All Times ET/PT
Premium Blend (ep#603) [cc]
It's an all new season of Premium Blend with Wanda Sykes, featuring Dan Gabriel, Ed Helms, B. Donohue and Guy Torry.

The thing that sucked was I had to upload all of them one by one...
Added some stuff this week.
Lots of Synopois.
And screen captures from the January "Mark Your Calendar".

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

This Page CAN Be Found On AOL Hometown, darn it!
It looks like there's been some problems when it comes to the site. For example, sometimes it says that "the page can't be found in AOL Hometown" That's wrong. Just refresh the page once or twice, and you'll see it. I swear, I've never had this many problems with my other sites....

Monday, January 06, 2003

In The Year 2000
I always like making stupid predictions before the first daily show of the year. I have two for Ed:
*Ed will get a new pair of glasses. Maybe fashioned like the early plastic frames Mo Rocca wore in 2000.
*Someone in California will find Ed's talent, and they will wisk him away to LA (please don't let that happen...California's demon grip took away Vance DeGeneres...and look what he's doing now...he's producing a stupid dating show!)

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Which turns out is free anyway...
Since I'm under 21, and I don't have a life, I decided to work on the site tonight. I added some more synoposis, a new section called whatnot, and I put the Confessions of a correspondent on the site because I know comedy central is going to take it off of the daily show site in a couple of months.

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